5 Countries Attacking the Press

When we shine a spotlight on our institutions, we are better able to stop them from shining a spotlight on every aspect of our lives.

The Battle Over Compelled Data Sharing

Over the past two decades, a conflict between government imperatives for national security and tech industry protection of user privacy has been escalating.

The Problem With Privacy

Trapped in a global surveillance society, we’ve lost sight of what privacy actually means. To reclaim its value, we must reconsider what we want to protect.

Facial Recognition: A Privacy Crisis

Facial recognition technology is out of control – and the implications are profound. Regulators must act now to curtail its harms.

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How Does Facebook Know So Much About Me?

Facebook gathers enormous amounts of data about our lives. The Privacy Issue answers questions about how their data collection operation works – and shares tips for resistance.

Decoding the Privacy Paradox

As the harms of sharing data online become evident, public concern increases. However, we continue to candidly divulge information. Can we reconcile our beliefs and behavior?

How to Avoid Location Spying

When it comes to privacy in the physical world, people expect not to be stalked by an all-seeing eye. But are we being tracked anyway?

United States of Surveillance

Surveillance laws in the U.S. have proven ineffective at countering terrorism. What they have achieved is a regime of mass surveillance that turns citizens into suspects.

Podcasting Privacy

The Privacy Issue presents ten podcasts that are setting the privacy, cybersecurity, and emerging tech agenda.

Shielding Yourself from Dragnet Surveillance

From wiretapping to GPS tracking and digital surveillance, the methods governments use to keep tabs on their citizens have increased in scope over the past decades.

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